Side by side

The Subtle Design Features That Make Cities Feel More Hostile / gallery upon gallery of pristine 70s and 80s metal for sale by KGF Classic Cars / Ye Olde Medieval Tube Map (via Kottke) / see also Side by Side maps, old and new (London, for example) / Cate Blanchett in spoof tourist brochure for Orkney’s ‘Mama Westray’ / ‘Judas animals‘, sterilised and released into the wild as a means of population control / Cliffe Fort, Kent / the Airstream Nest. More / the Top 10 classic synth presets in the wild / At War with War, a book by Seymour Chwast / Thoxt, a tumblr / Tea and Tuppence, the story of the ‘Fortune of War cafes, run by wounded ex-servicemen during the First World War / art assembled by Robert Hadley.

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