Shrouded in mystery

A few links about NK’s wretched Ryugyong Hotel, unfinished, unloved and potentially doomed to stay exactly as it until such time as it can be turned into a ghoulish museum of the regime / happier things: let’s get swimming, contribute to the campaign to bring Peckham Lido back to life / related, Peckham in Vogue / the loneliest plant in the world / the most influential gadgets / an interactive study of the pollution crisis facing the Ganges / the world of high-end coffee / an auction of fabulous Bande Dessinée / ranking Radiohead / architectural paintings by Dean Monogenis / China Girls / Leader Ladies, ‘the photographs of (most often) women that sometimes appear in the countdown that begins every reel of motion picture film meant for exhibition, often accompanied by color bars’. More information / ‘Archiving Our Online Communities, ‘On the closing and archiving of‘.

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