Shown the door

Katerina Kamprani

Putt-putt perfection versus abandoned golf courses / an extremely depressing collection of last broadcasts from ill-fated airliners / sort of related, ‘Computer Play Set. Airline Reservation. Made in Hong Kong and sold by Sears, probably by 70’s’ / forward to the present: ‘Rage Against the Machines: The real danger of videogames isn’t violence; it’s swindling’ vs ‘How clones, fear, sanitisation and free-to-play soured Apple’s iOS gaming revolution‘.


The story behind Heil Honey I’m Home!, regularly lambasted as the most inappropriate and offensive sitcom of all time / illustrated above, The Uncomfortable Project by Katerina Kamprani (via b3ta) / a representation of Dance Music Collaborations at concerthotels / neonneon, the world of artistic installation / The mystery of Mont Blanc’s hidden treasure, gems, plane crashes and small town French insouciance / urban exploration in Ordos, newly championed theme park of post-post-industrial flaneurism.

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