Google Street View photography discovered and presented by Jacqui Kenny (via Metafilter). Related, the Streetview Landscapes of Aaron Hobson (also via MeFi) / portraits of Trellick Tower residents by Nicola Muirhead / more architectural photography: Spaceships by Lars Stieger (via Kottke) / quite the opposite: Seaside Shelters, a series by photographer Will Scott / ongoing series on London’s National Theatre by Rory Gardiner / insects made from flowers, by Raku Inoue / ruins versus revival, ‘two photographers shoot radically different portraits of ‘new’ Detroit‘ (via Design Observer) / photography via Volvo.


All the closing credit music for Silicon Valley / 30 poses in 15 seconds, pro clothes modelling 101 / Tory Turk is an archivist, working at the world’s biggest magazine collection, the Hyman Archive / music: A Place to Bury Strangers / the story of Bark Psychosis / ‘The notion of an everyday world transformed by grandiose ventures is not, of course, exclusive to the nineteen-thirties.’ Geoff Manaugh is Hypnotized by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop / we love this: The Water Museum, a VR project by Pippin Barr that explores the evolution of digital water over the decades (via RPS).

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