Shapes of things to come

Signs of the apocalypse: Heathers: The Musical / Could IBM’s Watson answer the automated response problem for brand communications on social media? Or in other words, can supercomputers tweet for you? Brain the size of a planet, and all that / other things. Experiments in Making Things / buildings as distilled reflections of the work of 27 famous artists / Voices of East Anglia, linked last week, host a site chock full of vintage ephemera / Unwashed Territories is a music blog / Ani-Gif, an online gallery dedicated to the artistic potential of the gif format. Hypnotic / Simone Capano makes Collections, amongst other things / The Dancing Electrons, a tumblr / LA Cops, a retro-styled game. See also the Kavinsky game, based on the music of the Moroder-obsessed artist / epic map of space.

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