Shapes and sounds

Odd things. Ions in the Ether, a tumblr / 91 shot table tennis rally / another iconic Japanese hotel prepares for demolition. More from Monocle / Twitter is terrible pt723: Judy Murray vs Yoko Ono / Follow the Brown Signs, a perfect blog along the lines of the long-defunct I Like (our blogroll is in dire need of a clear out – it’s very representative of the state of the internet c.2010) / buy something that’s out of the ordinary / Truths we’ve learned from children’s TV / beautiful design by Gabrielle Pauty / buy illustrated things at The Printed Peanut / Still Rooms, a photographic project by Richard Barnes / a story of mudlarking on the Thames / London’s bombsites / the TP-82, the standard issue Russian cosmonaut firearm / architectural paintings by Daniel Mullen / moon.dogs, a weblog.


Music things. Swapping iconic pieces of music from major to minor key / some soundclouds: dreamy, noisy – Death of the Author / angular, mathy – Noyo Mathis (via Campaign for Quiet) / mash ups, samples, beats – Burnt Clay / atmospheric indie rock – Maara / south London sounds – Mindpilot / all London sounds – London Sound Survey / impro noise rock – Waheela / spacey, lo-fi – Luna Island / trending upwards – Sahara (via Grow Young) / new synth with vox – Pethrol / west country instrumental – Killer Bees (recommended, via Dominic Bailey) / also recommended – Wicket / more new music at the blog that celebrates itself.

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