Shallow pools, deep dives

10 Years of Forensic Architecture, exploring the minutiae at the intersection of space and polities / the Atlas of Urban Expansion / cooking with Blixa, Einssturzende Neubaten’s front man on noise and food (via The Guardian) / the story of Kensington Roof Gardens, currently closed / climate change: Top 10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint / HD Beasties / Bowiebranchia, ‘Nudibranchia or other opisthobranchia compared to the various looks of David Bowie’. See also this longform dive into the Bowie song Looking for Satellites / Landscape Stories, a magazine / 100 artworks selected by the Saatchi Gallery, including the work of Littlewhitehead / a weekend on abandoned oil rigs / what if rockets were transparent? / design links: Design Principals Podcast by Bethan Ryder; Material Matters from Grant Gibson; On Design, by Justyna Green.

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