See you around

Locrating presents huge quantities of mapping data about commuting, schools, etc. ‘Outstanding’ schools are in green, ‘good’ ones are yellow and woe betide your property prices if you live in close proximity to the little bomb-like red ones / a rather different scenario is played out by the Nukemap and the Missilemap. Fun with ICBMs / a veiny map that shows the best driving route from the USA’s dead centre to every county / Kingdoms and Castles looks like retro fun / Moog’s Drummer From Another Mother weaves some impressive sounds / behind the scenes at Manson Guitars, hand made and high tech / Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth make beautiful art at the Tugboat Print shop / It’s Nice That showcases photographer Francois Prost’s exploration of a replica city in China (via (and apparently originated at) the morning news)) / in remembrance of Dean Allen, web designer and creator of the Textism blog, one of the very first things on our webroll and a daily read ‘back in the day,’ before everything online turned to mush.

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