Seasonal round-up collection

Create glitchy sequences with Tahti Studio (via Bedroom Producers Blog) / A Conversation With Jean-Michel Jarre / the Loumavox, the synthesizer that time forgot / explore a landscape of sound with Forester (via CDM) / psychedelic Lego at Pen and Brick / music from Rouse the Boroughs / music from Sredni Vashtar / a link from RPS: which video game has the best snow? / re-shape the city with The Architect: Paris / a fond celebration of Usborne’s The World of the Unknown: Ghosts, complete with one of the original team turning up in the comments / The History of Horse Doping (at recto|verso) / book cover art collected by Ivan Chekhov / farewell to Richard Rogers. Many appreciations and obituaries are online, including two from Wallpaper*, Dezeen, the RIBA Journal and an earlier piece by Paul Rennie.

An archive of Uruguayan graphic design, for example this epic collection of bus tickets / elegant abstractions by Marie Amédro / paintings by Serena Rowe / paintings by Jason Line / art and design by Molly Haig / Sketched, a collection of artists’ sketchbooks / collages by Stéphanie Filion / drawers of dead birds at the Moore Lab of Zoology / Alex Shoots Buildings / pig-shaped pocket erotica viewer / the controversial Sky Pool keeps itself in the (bad) news / Nuclear Biscuit, all about a VR apocalypse / Collecting the Set, Monocle meets a mid-century prop store owner in Athens / the mythical creaturologist, daily drawn mysteries / urban exploration by Yahiro Takahashi / Festive Photos of Christmas Lights – and the People Behind Them.

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