Searching for the spark

Cloud Fracas, bottomless mud pits, online privacy and a talking dog. Delightful / how to make money from your website, in straightforward facts and stats. things is practically a case study for the top 7 blog mistakes to avoid / visit the Cock and Bull Festival / the Stipa-Caproni Flying Barrel / laser-cut landscapes by Katie Heeks / architectural art by Pablo Bronstein / MeFi does Eatock / Your Paintings, a BBC project to chronicle publicly-owned art. 63,000 works are now online.


Some more thoughts on auto-curation at Noisy Decent Graphics. The content curation issue rumbles on elsewhere. Maria Popova of Brain Pickings writes at Nieman Journalism Lab on the changing role of the editor: ‘In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship‘ (via Good Content). The piece is mostly focused on twitter (which things is a little bit allergic to): ‘Just as its origin in the art world, curation online is premised on the idea that a curator with a point of view culls content around a theme that he or she deems of cultural significance.’ There’s also a good point about link rot: ‘We lose about a quarter of all working links every seven years, which deems any commentary around dead links devoid of context’ (our archives are a sorry testament to this).


Stanley Kubrick’s letter to projectionists on “Barry Lyndon” at Some Came Running (via MovieCityNews) / Hollywood’s worst hacking scenes / Our God is Speed goes deeper into the cultural resonance of blending videos, Saving objects from themselves. Where does ‘unboxing’ stand in this spectrum? / e_jectamenta, a tumblr / The Loving Trap / Grelg, a tumblr / So you want to try Tintin?, a tumblr.


A Portrait of Kitchener, via MeFi Projects / American Concept Cars Showcase, Part 1 / 89 covers for the AJ / Sunday Jump, a tumblr / The 8 and the 16, comparing video games / Tinyhack, the world’s smallest RPG / Nicology, a tumblr / long-form journalism online at Byliner / Drawings and paintings by Tom Ngo at But does if float.

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