Scrubbed cities, manipulated buildings

Ian Martin, always worth a read, writing on the ‘new’ British city. ‘This ‘urban vibrancy’ is really social cleansing‘. What does a real community sound like? ‘Not a gurning ukulele ensemble doing a version of You Got the Love in a pop-up Great British Bake Off tent behind a Michelin-starred gastropub, you doughnut.’ / sort of related, Skatepark row sinks Southbank redevelopment / the big stuff: Architectural Metabolism, a weblog / see also: the 25 greatest architectural photographers working right now, a click-baity list that somehow includes Moby and the manipulations (i.e. art) of Victor Enrich but omits countless others (David Grandorge, Sue Barr, Edmund Sumner, Filip Dujardin, Sergio Pirrone, Valentin Jeck, Joel Tettamanti, etc. etc. etc.) / related, A subjective atlas of modern architecture, the amazing architectural archive of (included) photographer Nicolas Grospierre.


Crap Paint Jobs, photographs by Louis Porter over at Picdit. Incidentally, Porter’s Mirror of the World project pre-dates Eric Oglander’s Craigslistmirrors project by quite some time. Porter’s site is full of small observations, built up into large scale works. Some samples: 101 John Smiths; Bad Driving; Rupture and Repair; Newport Power Station; Unknown Land. Recommended / related: Cura Magazine, perfectly pitched at modern creative sensibilities.


‘He likes tea. With lots of Manuka honey. A lot of honey.’ Things we learned about Prince / True Facts that Sound False / Jay Leno commissions retro-looking scooters: the Decopods / a blizzard of historical Citroen imagery over at The Culture Engine / The High Life, paintings by Yvonne Jacquette on show at tmn

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