Maxwell J. Roberts’s article Henry Beck Rules? Not OK: Breaking the Rules of Map Design (previously linked) is now a book, Underground Maps Unravelled: Explorations in Information Design. Billed as a psychological investigation into the art, purpose and fitness of schematic maps / beautiful scans of film posters, ads, corporate, commercial art an more at X-Ray Delta One’s flickr stream / facadism gone wild in Washington D.C. / Opera is a quirky, almost gothic, travel trailer.


The Hall of Unwanted Dotcoms. Asbury & Asbury delves into ‘a certain sub-group of domain names that remain available for a minimal fee, even two decades into the age of the Internet. They are all one syllable, easy to pronounce and seven letters or fewer: qualities that are gold dust in normal circumstances. Yet they are presumed so awkward, ugly and uninspiring that nobody – not even the dotcom squatters – can bring themselves to go near them.’

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