S/he moves in mysterious ways

The mystery of Salvator Mundis, a question of attribution, provenance, and the careful shifting hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. Via The Guardian. There are estimated to be several billion dollars worth of art tucked away in these shadowy facilities. More reading: Inside the Luxembourg free port storing riches for the super-wealthy; Behind Closed Doors: A Look At Freeports; The Role of Freeports in the Global Art Market / other things. The Periodic Table of Factory Records / The Flood is a monumental artwork by John Simpkins commissioned by George R. Stroemple / a proper internet rabbit hole awaits: from the excellent 50 Years of Text Games newsletter, the story of 1992’s Silverwolf, a game that encompasses and epitomises the (deliberately) blurry mythos of St. Bride’s School, a quasi-mystical strand of feminism and Victorian romanticism (the RTÉ Archives are an absolute treasure trove, by the way) / the Monty Hall Problem / a tour of Charles Jenck’s Cosmic House, sonon to open as a museum / we missed this: Lucy Sparrow’s Bourdon Street Chemist / some music blogs: Gorilla vs Bear; We Love That; Obscure Sound.

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