Runways old and new

Human landscapes in SW Florida, especially Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport, ‘originally planned as the Everglades Jetport, and construction started in 1968 on what was to be the world’s largest airport with six runways to support supersonic transport. Being surrounded by the Big Cypress National Preserve, environmental concerns halted construction, and when commercial supersonic transport didn’t arrive, the project was left as-is, now a lightly-used airport’.


Which led us to Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields, an American site that is rich with imagery, aerial photographs and plans. Northern Miami Area has a section on the abandoned ‘Everglades Jetport’, ‘was originally planned to be the largest airport in the world, with 6 runways…. Before the Dade Collier airfield was ever was used for airline service, the US SST was canceled, eliminating the airport’s reason for being.’ More on the Boeing 2707. Somewhere, somewhere there are some beautiful renderings of a sleek silver SST in Pan Am livery climbing over the Everglades. We just know it. Something a bit like this


Sort of related, a story about US bases on Okinawa: ‘Today 26,500 US military personnel are in Okinawa, on more than 30 different bases.’ / Ski-ffy, a sci-fi covers archive / roomthily, a tumblr with an architectural slant / pocket vomit – what’s in your bag? / Spank the Monkey, a weblog (sfw) / Cupboard Love, chic stuff for sale / Photourbanism, a tumblr, which points us to the treasure trove that is mikeyashworth’s flickr stream, including London Heathrow Airport – 1956, back when the passenger terminal looked like the Royal Festival Hall and Gordon Cullen’s crisp drawings would have put the Vatican’s mind at rest. Is this what the Everglades Jetport could have been?

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