Run, hide

A Guide to Playtesting from H.G. Wells, who wrote a book called Little Wars in 1913. A post at the Hide&Seek blog, which mentions that the illustrations are especially fine (H.G. Wells, the English Novelist, playing an indoor war game) / all about Victor Haboush, founder of Spungbuggy works, the special effects studio that worked on Bedknobs and Broomsticks / special effects, modern style – the WebGL Bookcase, a Google Chrome Experiment / women looking dissatisfied in bed, a tumblr with a hotline to that most iconic of stock photo cliches.


Trade shows of every kind scrutinised in photographer Robert Rutoed’s series Fairytales / HTML5 DNA model / another clever model thing / Las Vegas 1962, one of several intruiging films posted by Jeff Altman / the Ten Second Project, a ‘homage to the childhood game of hide and seek… Alma [Haser] gives herself ten seconds to try and hide, or make herself as small as she possibly can, before her camera goes off on self-timer.’ / The Tempest May Howl, the buildings and history of Berlin / Arquitecturas pintadas, the ideal city of antiquity and more (via Mansilla + Tunon’s weblog) / I paint my mind, a music site / Plague 7, a tumblr / The Memory Atlas, a tumblr.

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