Round and round

Another made-for-web piece of analogue fetishism, Kai Schaefer’s series ‘World Records‘, which brings together classic vinyl and classic turntables / as nostalgic vessels go, this is perhaps less involved and drawn out than creating an entire imaginary soundtrack that purports to be ‘the secret cosmic music of the East German Olympic Program 1972-83’: Kosmischer Läufer (via) / California Cool: How the Wetsuit Became the Surfer’s Second Skin. A companion piece to the book The Springboard in the Pond? / the work of Casey Reas, co-creator of Processing / paintings by C Jeremy Price (via The Illustrator’s Handbook) / Fuck Yeah, Book Arts! (via The Cartoonist). We love devoted tumblrs like this but aren’t mad keen on the ‘FY!’ designation.

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