Round and round and round

History of film, 100 years in a chart / Remember who you are, James Ward takes the considerable time and effort to attend an all-day long David Icke marathon at Wembley Arena, just so you don’t have to. Also by Ward, what the computer-owning, tweeting popluation sees when it looks up / RIP Lebbeus Woods, Geoff Manaugh pays homage to the charismatic and visionary theorist who died last month / vaguely related, Alexander versus Eisenman, an architectural debate.


Design, art and creativity at Construct of the Mind. We especially like their collection of contemporary landscape photographers, Take a Look / Spectrascopic, a tumblr / Chase Cars, are ‘slot cars with character’ with enhanced suspension and body lean. Perfect for old-school car chases. Part of the presumably huge slot car modifying subculture, such as this site’s attempts to map the 2012 F1 circuits: ‘Our interpretation of the Albert Park circuit requires floor space of at least thirty feet by sixteen feet’.


200 Wilhelms, a composite image created from every appearance of the celebrated Wilhelm scream: ‘By digitally averaging the scenes from 200 films and TV shows they get destroyed, removing the people and leaving behind just a big, bright screen — and a small but larger-than-life sound.’ By Keaggy / Solitudes, a series of woodblock prints by David Bull.


Iconic Houses is a new site designed to map and chronicle houses that are ‘recognized for [their] significance in the development of modern architecture of the 20th century.’ Slick and well-presented, the twist is that all the featured houses must be open in some way to the public.


KGF Classic Cars takes beautifully detailed photographs of its stock, which makes for a fine collection of flickr sets. Check out this Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC, a well-loved Citroen CX20, an incredibly original Trabant 601S, and a Barkas B-1000 Minibus.

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