Round and round

The theory and form of classic drum patterns / the OP-1 Tombola sequencer / the Circle Guitar mechanical step sequencer / play with whale song / play the Jazz Keys / Bidoun, an arts magazine about the Middle East / beautiful artwork by Tatsuro Kiuchi / Alvar Aalto’s work in Jyvaskyla, Finland, photographed by Janne Tuunanen / fine looking station wagon / the big questions: fiction where deep secrets are slowly revealed; what is the name of this Millennial Modern graphic design style?; name some Absorbing, family-friendly documentaries / 1% watch: how to keep your superyacht Covid free / some more linear city meanderings / how to remodel a mountain-top: ‘The World’s Largest—and America’s Priciest—Home Is Ready for Its Close-up‘ / it can’t hold a candle to the Westinghouse Total Electric Home (via MeFi) / a guide to Bad Audio Gear / Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It, by Ethan Kross, even though it talks very, very fast (‘The extended word count represented an equivalent rate of speech in excess of 4,000 words per minute’).

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