Rooftops and fields

End of the Public: ‘It is a jumble sale of bits and pieces, a graveyard of interactive technologies with no apparent purpose. It makes the Millennium Dome look like a triumph of curatorial coherence.’ / Ken Adam on Kubrick: “Most days during production I drove him to the studio in my E-type Jaguar. I recommend this as a way to get to know your director.” / Rooftop cities: Beijing’s mountain penthouse reveals a new building boom. Like projects by SITE.


Field Trip hasn’t really worked for us yet. The idea of a discrete app that pops up information about places of interest as you pass them is all very well in theory, especially if all the travelling you do is little more than one giant derive through the modern city and its envrions. But in reality, travelling is usually a fraught, time-pressured activity, one where stop-offs and distractions can rarely be accommodated. That’s where Field Trip falls short – it invariably tells us about things we’ve recently gone past, rather than things that are coming up.

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