Rocking the suburbs

Our band could be your life: Hardcore Architecture looks at the leafy suburban origin stories of American punk and post-punk (via MeFi). See also Breadcrumb Trail, the Slint documentary, which has lots of basement rehearsal action / sort of related: Failed Architecture tells the tale – and lives the life – of the The Nagakin Capsule Tower, still slowly rotting away (also via MeFi).


Other things. The Powerwall: a bright future? (‘A JG Ballard would unravel such a world beautifully, as a kind of lithium-fuelled hybrid of his High Rise meets HBO’s Silicon Valley meets Felicity Kendall’s The Good Life’) or one stuck in a perpetual charge cycle? / the ashram in the forest / the house built by Grayson Perry (with a little help from his friends) / a bus stop that references Totoro?


Cloaque, a ‘digital landfill …. the result of the collection, treatment and joining together of a series of images found online, to create a column of digital compost’. More gifs here, all potentially and unpredictably nsfw (via Triangulation) / Square Go’s, photographs by Logan Hill / The Secret Life of the Pencil, favourite writing devices of famous writer types.

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