Rockets and tubs

Benchmarking, ‘photographs from benches, seat level. Minimum to zero composition. The images are titled after the metal plaque inscriptions. A continuous project.’ (thanks Dai) / The City Is Here For You To Use: 100 easy pieces / The Original Prop Blog charts collectables and auctions from the world of film, such as the collection of things from Moon, auctioned a few years ago. See also Prop Store for regular sales / fund a robot dragonfly for fun and science / paintings by Clare Price / The Spectral Dimension, a ‘crossroads for the supernaturally-tinged parts of culture: Hammer horror and megaliths, transformative art and uncanny advertising, magic and technology, high thinking and low pulp.’


A fascinating piece in Cabinet about The Coldscape, ‘the vast global network of temperature-controlled storage and distribution warehouses cumulatively capable of hosting uncounted billions of cubic feet of chilled flesh, fish, or fruit’. Worth it alone for Christoph Morlinghaus’s photograph of the Kraft Cheese Caves in Springfield, Missouri, above (not on his own website, although it is still highly recommended).


Kottke has been publishing numerous posts on guns and gun control (or rather, ‘gun safety‘) in recent days, for obvious reasons. There’s a lot of excellent material behind that link / Frillip Moolog, a weblog about art / 28 days later visits the abandoned Hotel Nacional in Rio, a Niemeyer that didn’t make the grade (although it is being restored for the 2014 World Cup) / Snowflake, an architectural fairytale at Design Observer / gigapixel image of Mount Everest (via The Guardian). You don’t really get a good sense of scale until you zoom into what looks like scattered blocks of colorful rubbish in the foreground.

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