Rock and bricks

Aesthesys, an instrumental progressive band from Moscow (via Doom Rock) / indie rock by Morning Eagle / ‘The original, unaltered period photo into which actor Jack Nicholson was composited to create the iconic photograph seen in the final shots of The Shining.’ / exploring Kingsway Tram Station, soon to be temporarily re-opened. More information / life in the Stahl House / an interview with Seefeel / cars made from Lego / see also ‘App Helps You Build New Creations from Your Existing Lego Pile‘ / in search of the Georgian papier mache horse / an artwork created from a lighthouse / an oral history of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals / the great guitar build-off / how a new road drove Montenegro into debt / photographer Dia Mrad captures the aftermath of the 2020 Beirut explosion / Hong Kong in miniature / sleeping cats / ABYME, an ‘independent publisher of artist’s editions and multiples founded by John Morgan and Adrien Vasquez‘ / plotter prints by Sean M Puckett / illustration by mu.andcoco.

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