Rip it up and start again

The Archivists of Extinction, ‘Architectural history in an era of capitalist ruin’. Or how architectural preservation is a luxury in a fast moving capitalist society (via MeFi). From the piece, the US has less than 2,600 buildings designated as National Historic Landmarks. In comparison, the UK has 9,310 Grade I listed buildings and 21,767 Grade II* listed buildings, out of a total listed building stock of around 500,000. See also How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town / is there really a Chinese metro station in the middle of nowhere? / Austin 7 vs McLaren Senna. 90 years of Autocar road tests / music: Our Girl; Owls of Now; Lunacre / grafitti art by Remi Rough / paintings by Lucy MacGillis / landscape paintings by Anna Dhillon.

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