Ride the tiger

Theme parks on fire, the story of Freedomland at Atlas Obscura (via MeFi) / some paintings by Alex Kanevsky / ever wondered where all the old cars went? / the Classic ZX Spectrum Loading Screen World Cup / a cavalcade of kitsch at the Estate of Legendary Entertainers Siegfried & Roy Comes to Auction at Bonhams / Gabriele Galimberti’s photographic project, The Ameriguns is always a shocker (via Joey Johnson) / inventive surrealism by photographer Brooke Didonato / content aware typography / Artvee, public domain art search engine (both via Meanwhile) / property from the John Peel Archive / images of extinction, from a new book by Marc Schlossman / Steve Hillage’s 1979 Glastonbury show (see also Hillage live at Kent University, 1979) / see also, A History of Glastonbury Festival and Archive at the V&A.

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