Ribbons, anniversaries, re-imaginings

X-Palm, SMAQ architecture on re-shaping the luxury refuges of the past / the relationship between Ping-Pong and Tech Bubbles / storing energy in railcars on a gentle incline / Chernobyl: Atomic City, a piece by Will Wiles from 2012. Related, one of many 30 years on pieces posted last month / a huge collection of typewriters for sale / related, the Mclaren F1 is tied to a 20 year old laptop / lengthy exploration of Google Maps and their new, sparser style / this page puts Google and Bing side by side / bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government / art books from Nobody’s Bookshop / archiving goes mainstream with Clixta, an app designed to share your family history / twentieth century British prints / After eight years, the actor playing London’s comedy mayor Boris Johnson is quitting the role.

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