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Legofy any image (via MeFi, which also links a simpler version for the github averse) / paintings by Jason Barner-Rasmussen / Modernist Estates posts on the 1937 documentary Kensal House, a celebration of this ‘visionary gas-powered community in north-west London’. Modernist Estates also has a book out / related, Wohnungsfrage, new housing solutions exploring through the intersection of architecture and squatting culture / more architecture and writing about housing and suburbs in particular at the excellent Granola Shotgun.


An elegant infographic style animated video for Numb by Max Cooper with Kathrin deBoer / old synths bubble and squeak at Oscillator Dreamland / related, how the Casio MT-40 ushered in reggae’s electronic era (via) / 1146 Miles, a music weblog / Captains Dead, another music weblog / Hudson Christie is an animator and illustrator / Drawing OWU is a blog about the art of drawing. The above images are by Cath Riley / Sight Unseen, contemporary craft and art shopping / more artist and studio photography by Jenny Lewis / woodlands photographed by Daniel Kovalovskzy / bizarre Russian Coachbuilt BMW.

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