Renders versus Tractors

A discussion on the art of the dolls house, including links to contemporary practitioners like Chris Toledo and the Shelter in Place Gallery / Papertowns is a subreddit devoted to birds-eye views of cities, old and new / Quirk and Rescue, interiors (via the Guardian) / Evinetta, an impressively rendered short film directed by Ash Thorp about a concept car, using the 1969 Ferrari 512S Berlinetta by Pininfarina as a base. Sort of Pink Floyd meets GTA meets Cyberpunk 2077 (linked via Hotvveels. Note that the original car had to moved into place using a tractor as it was non-functional) / more auto-themed digital art by Chris Labrooy / CGI shorts by Marc Ferrer Vives / the Ercol Furniture Catalogue archive / instrumental music by Walter Mmari / the best experimental synths of 2020 / Janglepop Hub, a blog / collages by Espen Dietrichson

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