Recreations, cutaways and tumblrs

Gail Albert Halaban’s project Hopper Redux tracks down houses painted by Edward Hopper and presents them in rich, painterly light. Some side by side examples / this amazing cutaway drawing of BBC Television Centre comes from this ‘unreliable and wholly unofficial history of the Centre / a remarkable ‘cross section cutaway of the workings of the head of Earl from the television show Dinosaurs circa 1991′. At Hey Oscar Wilde!, a tumblr.


More tumblrs. Boars and Fury / Inspiration Station / La Periferia Doméstica / Ben Smith 123 / fuck yeah art and science / the Artomatic Eye / The LBM Dispatch, ‘an irregularly published newspaper of the North American ramblings of photographer Alec Soth and writer Brad Zellar‘ / Elseplace, an architectural weblog / drawings, prints and paintings by Hollis Brown Thornton. Available to buy from here / music by Warm Digits / the Book Cover Archive / Conditions, an independent Scandinavian architecture magazine / Last but not Liste, a massive lucky dip.

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  1. Awesome cutaway of the BBC. Wonder how long it took to create this by hand?

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