Reading between the lines

A proto-satnav: leather-cased scrolling travelling map from the 1920s, ‘a Bakelite cased unit housing a pair of rollers manually operated by two winding arms to the side, with 24cm wide plastic window displaying a Bartholomew’s road map for South-West England’ / Final Marks: The Art of the Carved Letter, 1979 / World Domination Enterprises, phase II: ‘Our main computer has been churning out dozens of happy, positive “Love-Anthems”, and the The Love Bringers, the world’s most exciting undiscovered music group, have been ordered to play them in an irresistable, catchy, popular style!’ / art and installations by Tonk. We especially like the ‘Camera Collection’ series / Glacier Girl is a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, recovered from a glacier in Greenland in 1992 and fully restored to flying condition. The aeroplane had been embedded in the ice since making an emergency landing in 1942.


How to give birth to a rabbit, Carrie Frye tackles the tale of Mary Toft / Rise and Fall: ‘one coloured balloon (filled with helium) touching the ceiling connected by a white ribbon to a second balloon (of a different colour) filled with breath (exhaled by a member of the gallery staff) resting on the floor.’ From the endlessly inventive mind of Daniel Eatock / Have a Nice Day, imagery / Light Form, an ‘interactive landscape’ sculpture by Mathieu Rivier / we love this sort of thing: Pocket Places Peckham, finding unused pockets of space and putting them to community use / Chrysler Building Eagle Surfing / late to this but still love it: Liartown, USA / Colourschool, a designer’s scrapbook / Machinatorium, which is similar.


ArchNewsNow brings together a couple of news stories about what you can either call, controversially, the evolution of Mecca into a theme park, or a stark demonstration of the importance of physical place but not physical objects to the religion, and the idea – almost heretical perhaps to the Judeo-Christian conception of religion as being somehow innately bound up in carvings, stones and architecture – that historical artefacts are a distraction to the believer: The photos Saudi Arabia doesn’t want seen – and proof Islam’s most holy relics are being demolished in Mecca and McMecca: The Strange Alliance of Clerics and Businessmen in Saudi Arabia. Comments are predictably vitriolic on all sides. Some previous thoughts on the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel.

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