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Edition One Hundred, an art project. See also Jen Bekman’s 20×200 (currently with a great show called Land Use Survey) / workbench photographs / Nanjing Automobile Experience, a project by 3GATTI. Perhaps China will get the kind of carchitecture architects always dreamed of creating in the west but were never allowed to (NL Architects spring to mind).


Hello Typewriter, via swiss cheese, which also points to a Greenfield post about the odd iconographic policy of Apple / Megazine3, an open source page flip / Fantasy Road Trips / rescuing bulk samples of collembolans at The Insect Museum / The Bricogeek Pook / Two Columbia Road, a furniture gallery / The Sunday Painter, an art gallery.


CLLCT, a lovely free music community / ‘KO’, by Anthony James, consists of ‘Ferrari F355 Spider, Birch, Glass, Aluminium, Black Steel, Fluorescent Lights’ / ZPhotographic, high end agent / the CityCoaster is a ‘modern, future requirements equivalent traffic system (PRT = Personal Rapid Transit), which operates on its own route’.

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