Random things and visual memories

Iconic Photos (which is doing a sterling job of keeping important memories alive at the moment) steps back to the 90s. Empire of the Stage revisits a 1990s Snowdon portfolio of British actors, a golden era / the strange history of compulsive book buying. We are now at the compulsive book giving away stage / achingly tasteful interiors and architecture at Copperline / back to the 80s, the seminal Porsche 924 Carrera / RNDRD is dedicated to architectural drawings – ‘a partial index of published architectural rendering’. See also the Drawing Architecture tumblr / illustrations by Antanas Gudonis / the end of Moore’s Law / illustrations by Olivier Kugler, a man who knows his way around a line / Kottke links to a feature on the literary maps of childhood. Back when endpapers were endpapers / “We don’t disclose that”, recommendations for investigative media.

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