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Apologies for the lack of recent posts / Will Wiles on Five Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Published / widely seen, but still extraordinary: Lego City of Odan / from the WWD Co., Novelty Catalog, at And Everything Else Too / one for the things organised neatly crowd, via haddock, which also points us to the very descriptive Bunker Images / while we’re looking at old websites, try On Falling Over…, Tom Coates’ tale of accidentally rendering himself one-armed / view from the Shard, updated.


It’s been a big couple of months for bogus military hardware: Is This North Korean Hovercraft-Landing Photo Faked? (via The Guardian) / Did China Try To Pass Off Top Gun As Air Force Footage? / Iran’s Fake Super-Stealth Jet Takes to the Fake Skies, Now with Nice Photoshop.

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