Random panels of coloured glass

Studio in the Woods 2010, a flickr set / Jack Draws Anything. And is getting quite good in the process / So Much To Tell You, trend-hunting, imagery-scouring weblog / Silent Grey, a tumblr / Iain Claridge blogs about design / Little Brown Mushroom blog, books and more / the world of Hello Kitty. A far more complex and dense backstory than we could have ever imagined.


The extravagant imaginary building has become a common visual trope, a cornucopia of the structurally impossible that nevertheless finds its way into the collection visual unconscious and, somehow or other, influences ‘real’ architecture. We’d like to suggest the creation of a Second Life style persistent online world, where these squillions of speculative square metres of implausability can be built and explored / vaguely related: ELIS is a synthesized slice of ‘regeneration architecture’, grown from the DNA of AHMM (‘Wrapped in apparently seamless cladding, two vast building blocks sit atop a monstrous extrusion dressed with facades of cedar board, Trespa panels, Velfac windows, swathes of engineering brick and random panels of coloured glass’).


Bauzeitgeist has an excoriating take-down of recent ‘critical’ reviews of Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House, Southern China / pockets of space, architectural snapshots / London by Night, photographs by Jon May / Abandoned Wrecks, romantic views of post-industrial British coastline.

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