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MAPfrappe, using Google Maps to compare places (via me-fi). Be good if you could compare routes and roads as well / TinEye is now available in plugin form (for Firefox and Chrome). Handy / neo-constructivism is alive and well in Turkey: Vakko Fashion Centre and Power Media Centre, by REX / Chaz Hutton’s tumblr, which coincidentally picks up on the REX building. See also his flickr / the AR has a new house competition.


Show Dome is an exhibition space that in London. For the Infinite Potential exhibition they have created a virtual clone of the gallery and invited user submissions of how to repurpose/reconfigure/recreate the space. A sort of grungy version of the Guggenheim’s Contemplating the Void show (the best repurposing of which was the shoot-out scene in The International, for which a substantial set was built).


Infinite Jest Possibly Improved by Pop-up Windows (via ) / Marian Bantjes’ extraordinarily rich book I Wonder, a deliberately tactile, excessive, elaborate riposte to the sterile, slippery grasp of the tablet? / Time Doctor, a video games blog Booktrust’s Writer in Residence Blog. On getting your book into shops: ‘Much as it may seem like it – you are not doing an independent bookshop a favour by allowing them to sell your work.’ / a paper Fiat 500.

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