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Photography by Monica Ouwens: volume two and volume three / Bustler brings together the 2010 RIBA Award winners / Architecture Draftsman, ‘exploring the expressivness of architectural space,’ work by Stefan Davidovici. See also this post at Y Mag, ‘A Mars Architecture‘. Related, ‘is the sketch superior to the computer generated image?


Supermarket Sarah sends us off into a whirl of contemporary London-based creative types, including Sofie Kapow, illustration by Caroline Kha, Lucy Aebischer and Rina Donnersmarck / online galleries at the Society of Wood Engravers / a fan site for the Flaming Lips / Space Age City, one of the oldest mid-century sites online / the new craft gets an airing at Inventory Magazine, with a crisp site created by Stuart Hobday.


Hugh Garry, a weblog / Nobody’s Bookshop / it’s been five years since we looked at Reel Streets, an illustrated collection of British film locations / ‘Though the internet is a serious threat, [prints’] ephemeral nature is no match for the tangibility of print. Journalists breathe a sigh of relief.


Magnificent Ruin, a ruin / fhwrdh, a tumblr / Blue Ruins, a tumblr / Turn of the Century, ‘everything strange and beautiful from 1850s to 1920s goes here’. The National Geographic Daily is a new breed of tumblr, one that fillets out content from another content provider and re-presents it / Hyperkit in Southwold / the Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville (strangely Victorian names, despite being named after places) have the shiny sheen of Go Go’s Crazybones.

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