Raising up

Other things and random thoughts. The Pioneering Spirit is a truly big thing, the largest vessel ever built at 403,342 gross tons and 123.75m wide (Wikipedia), designed specifically to lift oil rigs without the need to dissemble them. With a slot between twin hulls, the ship can scoop up rigs and take them to new sites or back to port for decommissioning. It will soon be topped by a larger vessel, ‘Amazing Grace’ / Dezeen asks, ‘what happens to temporary pavilions once their time is up?‘ / art by Alice Bucknell / an island for sale / we love this kind of landscape: the bog / photography by Maria Lax / photography by Gareth Gardner / OK Go drop another video / sometimes it seems that Patrik Schumacher often acts as if there is an outstanding vacancy for an evil, cackling architect, rubbing their hands together at the thought of their will being imposed on a fumbling, ignorant populace, too stupid to know they’re actually crying out to be saved by the perfect machinations of the market. It’s the only way to explain it.

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