Raise the roof higher

A tranche of new music curated at Bandcamp Daily / women in publishing, at Motherland, ‘an online destination for women who happen to be mums’ / Peter Garritano’s series Hajwalah looks at drifting culture in the Middle East. See also the fascinating book Joyriding in Riyadh (via Wired) / more W: House Raising, photography of storm preparations by Ira Wagner / Stéphane Goin’s photographs of the American road trip / paintings by Zsofia Schweger have something of the low-res early 3D game about them (at the incomparable It’s Nice That) / Scorched Ear, music and UFOs / nature’s imitators / a list of unexplained sounds. You can listen too / the Doig verdict is not unsurprising. Previously / explained sounds courtesy of the pedal wizards at Henretta Engineering / music and nostalgia, repackaging the past with Touch & Go / my God, it’s full of stars.

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