Put a bird on it

A tumblr mosaic maker / some tumblrs: Vast and grand, monumental, music and art / Old Engineering, a lovingly curated collection of archive imagery, modern photography and old scans (e.g. the Rockin Robin, the smallest analog computer ever made and testing the BF109). Everything is probably annotated and credited too / The Imaginatorium, animation student Andrew Wamboldt showcases his own work and other stuff / Spectral Futurist doesn’t get nearly enough attention – lots of extraordinary imagery on show / hunnychild.


Insectoid origami / the Architectural Review has re-launched its site / The Seventies (Twentieth Century Architecture) / celebrating the work of the KLF / derelict roads on the Isle of Wight / Ruin+Cartography, a post at The Nomad / a huge archive of films made by the Jim Henson Company.

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