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Motor Mouth, five auto logos from history, at Grafik (via Coudal) / a selection of ambient soundscapes taken from games (via Gyford) / make your own ambient sounds with the WhaleSynth / the story of the success of Ladybird’s modern pastiches and the confusing arrival of retro-styledLadybird Expert‘ books. And spare a thought for Miriam Elia / The Paris Review on the bloody history of the colour red / Ten Meter Tower, a superb short film on the New York Times website / Peirene Press’s blog, things syntactical, ‘the pain and passion of a small publisher’ / thanks to Blanketfort for links to the Flowing Data Maps page and the still fascinating Strange Maps Blog (The Landlord Octopus, Still Stalking London) / the future of St Peter’s Seminary / The man who dresses up as his ancestors / things to do with Douglas Fir / animated gifs by Nicola Gastaldi / Edition 29, an ipad magazine about architecture / Temporary Fix at Reading Design / Roli’s Blocks are a snap together music studio / Siouxsie Sioux at the Horniman Museum / on the architecture of artist’s studios / Archifutures, ‘a field guide to the future of architecture’ from &beyond / the Museum of Broken Relationships (via the BBC) / Present & Correct (‘sundries for the modern workspace’) curates well-designed distractions from the business of doing any meaningful work – yes, a stationery blog (via MeFi) / Hidden Folks, a game about looking.

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