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Deborah Copaken Kogan on rifling through the cupboards at Richard Rogers’ Chelsea house:

What did actually happen was this: I opened Richard Rogers’s sock drawer and started to cry. It was beautiful. It was perfect. It did not only what a good sock drawer should do—organize socks—it did what great works of art aspire to do. It took the bedlam of everyday life, organized it with careful attention to spatial harmony, color balance, and composition, and transformed it from chaos to order, from ordinary to extraordinary, from a simple container for necessities into a perfect expression of the artist’s philosophy: minimalism, bright colors, functionality, form. Everything I’d ever admired about the Pompidou was sitting right there in that drawer.

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  1. “Everything I’d ever admired about the Pompidou….”

    Well, that alone tells you she’s a nutbomb with no taste whatsoever and less insight.

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