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Yet another shape for future magazines, House takes the meat of House & Garden magazine and splices it with a Pinterest-y scroll of nugget-sized article. Against the increasingly homogenised view of publishing that is emerging from this model, lovingly curated sites full of original content suddenly start to look incredibly refreshing. We were thinking of I like the other day, which is a good example (although apparently on hiatus), but there are countless others that now find themselves in a position of strength now that the raw currency of the internet – content – has been defined and found lacking. If you don’t subscribe to the Buzzfeed model of doing things, then the ‘traditional’ weblog offers a rich experience, coming far closer to the quotidian archaeology that used to be handled so well by books (although we’re looking forward to reading Enchanted Things by Phil Smith).


McDonalds is Impossible, a poem by Chelsea Martin / music to listen to: Demolition Queen / Terminal Cheesecake / Elephants and Castles / a mix from Slowdive / related, (over) analysing pop music / Michael Jackson acapella, at rhythm of the tide, via MeFi / many, many bands photographed by Jason Morales.


‘The mischievous and diabolic art of Jim Flora (1914-1998): Glimpses of rare works from the archives and news about Flora-related projects’ / beautiful imagery collated and presented at A Polar Bear’s Tale / DCimPRINT, a site about contemporary printing.

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