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Music things. All about the Sony Walkman TPS 12 (via Kottke) / recommended sounds: Ummagma; Cheatahs; Dead Rabbits; LS001; Holy Milk; Grey Frequency; loqto; xhu alt. / Can(band), a documentary / The Delian Mode, a documentary / Breadcrumb Trail, a documentary (and box set) / also relevant. ‘Ever wanted to know where your money goes when buying tracks online?’ What the Artist Got.


The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic / Photographer Klaus Leidorf’s Aerial Archaeology / My kind of Neighborhood, Tobias Frere-Jones’ first post following the acrimonious split of his former company / more legal shenanigans: Condé Nast ends internships after court case / the strange case of Dorothy Eady, aka Omm Sety / The Last Laugh: Why Clowns Will Never Die.

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