Power into art

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are an absolute disaster for so many more reasons than the ecological. Worth noting that ‘a recent study out of the University of New Mexico estimated that in 2018 every $1 of Bitcoin value was responsible for $0.49 in health and climate damages in the US’. Compare and contrast with We finally know how bad for the environment your Netflix habit is: ‘In short. Netflix is not as bad for the environment as crypto, which is basically catastrophic: ‘Netflix claims that one hour of streaming on its platform in 2020 [produces less C02…] than driving an average car a quarter of a mile’. In short. Watch more Netflix. Don’t buy, encourage, promote or celebrate cryptoart / decayed and abandoned. A bit of a fixer-upper / Derelict Fulham Town Hall to Be Given New Leaseof Life Starting with a show from Art Below / for sale (or possibly recently sold), 1950s Crown Buildings nuclear bunker in Kingsbridge, Devon / a grim tunnel from WW1 / fun with flowcharts / music by Concrete Ships / music by RXS3 / celebrating 23 years of Kottke.

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