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Not Another Bill is a way of turning the mail into a place of potential delight: ‘Subscribe for yourself or treat someone special to receive a collection of wonders each month, the product of collaborations between Not Another Bill and a number of up and coming and established designers, brands and artists’. A similar concept to Stack and Container, or Quarterly, Birchbox, Rad and Hungry and Art in a Box. More suggestions at this ask and this ask and this ask. Even more here, mostly US-centric. See also this post.


The Bourbon Tunnels reach deep under Naples, ‘conceived of by Ferdinand II in 1853 as an escape route from the Royal Palace that was never completed, the tunnel is part of the Carmignano Aqueduct system’, built for a city that was criss-crossed with caves and grottoes. Over the years, the tunnel became a dumping ground, most notably for abandoned but well-preserved vintage cars.


Wallpaper* redesigns / photographs by Kavin Wong / Lenskey was DRM, 1980s style, involving a plastic lens that had to be swiped across your TV screen. Naturally, it has been emulated / Martin Hannett recordings of Joy Division, New Order ‘rescued’ from trash, up for grabs, a classic story for Slicing Up Eyeballs / ‘The monstrous serpent was real! Did the Gloucester fisherman see a massive tuna, or a serpent? And what are we conjuring, when we imagine the sea?… If there’s a single reason to go looking through the dusty library stacks, it’s the pleasure of unfolding a print of 200-year-old giant sea snake.’

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  1. More ‘dusty material’ about the Gloucester Serpent from the electronic stacks:

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