Post rock

National Museum of Norway infrared scans reveal author of hidden graffiti on Edvard Munch’s original painting of The Scream. See also X-radiography of paintings and the Radiography of cultural objects / original art from TWA calendars / axonometric rooms by Margarete Fröhlich / the Daft Punk break-up got a lot of press and interest. Perhaps it’s because bands don’t really ever break up any more these days, they either just fizzle out or soldier on for ever and ever / from a different era, the Smash Hits Book Of Pop Lists / swoony music by Habitants / some really great music by Koyo / angular rhythms by A Burial at Sea, from Hamburg / Norjack, an experimental music project from Scotland / Basic Dungeon and KOBOLD create atmospheric soundscapes for imaginary video games, two of the many acts on Heimat Der Katastrophe, a label based in Milan / more music at Moment of Collapse Records in Hamburg, with a penchant for noisier stuff / Brooker Vs Curtis / Imaginary Maps / sleek forms by Monoware / Wardy, The Kid From The Rough End Of The Street, a self-published memoir of mid C20 life in South London / sort of related, Ian Visits London’s alleys and passages / the Virtual Fashion Archive captures digital versions of iconic modern pieces.

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