Post Christmas pickings

Places Journal’s ongoing series on Fairy Tale Architecture features the tale One Grain of Rice / speaking of Fairy Tales, albeit of the Executive Order on Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture / perhaps he should look at The Great Wall of Kidderminster / TAMBOURINE, the latest independent magazine releases / High Fashion Talk is a new zine / The Rings of Saturn, a photography series by Andrew Cowen / Where They Create, portraits of artists, architects and designers in their studios by Paul Barbera / Behringer: The Edgelords Of Music Production / a collection of buildings repurposed as art galleries / the story of a Louisiana funeral director in a time of Covid / preparing for the Lunar pandemic in 1969 / a collection of designers’ Christmas cards / De Rebus Sardois, a ‘visual journey into Sardinia’, including this cliffside house by Alberto Ponis / a website about Doll’s Houses / Retropower update old cars for modern ways / a collection of video game maps / animation by Eran Hill / illustration by Riccardo Guasco / trippy animation at Happy Tuesday.

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