Pools and red and green

Mapping. Reworking Booth: Geodemographics of Housing, Oliver O’Brien on creating a modern equivalent of the poverty map: Geodemographics of Housing in Great Britain. Switch to the Index of Multiple Deprivation for a more nuanced view. However, all the data in the world can’t seem to make a map as accurate as Booth’s original. There was also a recent Poverty Map of Britain produced by the Guardian (via Google Maps Mania). There’s also the British Library’s London: A Life in Maps. Someone needs to provide Booth’s map as a Google Earth layer / Archives Reveal Construction of a ‘Second Paris’ to Fool WWI Bombers / Visualization of shipping routes from 1750 to 1855 (via Kottke) / The East Japan Earthquake Archive, ‘a pluralistic digital archive for visualizing and telling the real state of the damage situation of the East Japan Earthquake using Google Earth.’


Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible is a ‘tiny radio show about design’. Highly recommended / Stripes and Planes, image-driven architecture-focused tumblr / bad-tempered article by Roger Scruton about Frank Gehry’s controversial Eisenhower Memorial, Monumental Egos: ‘For monuments should be built by people who have no desire to draw attention to themselves, who are happy to hide behind their creations, and to build things that belong where they stand.’


Automation, ‘the car company tycoon game’. ‘In the game Automation you will be placed in control of a newly founded car company starting in the post-war era of 1946. You will be responsible for designing your cars from scratch – from the chassis and the engine to its body styling. Your goal is to meet the needs of different markets and various types of buyers. You will need to research new technology to keep ahead of your competitors and expand your company.’

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