Platforms in the air

Friday randomness / The Fall and Rise of Adam, the restoration of Tullio’s sculpture, ‘destroyed’ by a collapsed plinth in 2002 / London 2026 A.D. – this is all in the air, a view from 1926 / two sites we like rediscovering: Lost Albion and Moonbase Central, both totally full of scans and cultural ephemera / the David Heys Collection, memories of the last days of steam: ‘The train now standing at platform four is the five o’ four for Forfar, calling at Fife. The first four coaches are for Forfar…the far five for Fife. The first four reach Forfar at four fifty-four and the far five at Fife at five forty-five!’ / in stark contrast, Taken : Bongos, a site charting ‘Gentrification hell and general twatishness via the Hackney Freecycle‘ / aviation scrapyard photographs / a beautiful collection of vintage ski posters.

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