Pinned through the heart

How Pinterest simplified, compartmentalised and scattered the web. Daniel Gray on how the site offers content free from context, the new definition of ‘curation’ (a word which’ll ‘do until we’ve come up with a succinct catch-all term for finding and grouping and sharing and procrastinating and pretending to be adding something new to the world when all you’re really doing is regurgitating’). Other things, pinned by us in old-school html. Paperworld is a stop motion film by Jöns Mellgren / / New Women’s History Museum in London Turns Out to be a Jack the Ripper Museum, all part of the distortion of the East End / beautiful architectural illustration by Jan Van Der Veken / illustrations by Jeremie Fischer / the Wonders of Weston / Urban Campsite Amsterdam. Folies to rent / The Secret History Of The London Plane Tree / a review of Hatherley’s new book, ‘Landscapes of Communism: A History through Buildings‘.

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