The Electric Art Collective / the Next Issue of the timeless ZX Spectrum / the Winamp skins museum / Scott’s Dream – Music From A Reimagined Digital Electronium / browse through some Old Book Illustrations / the Barbican in crosss section / cars, running and not, from the Collection Andre Trigano / the Line6 DL4, ‘quietly the most important guitar pedal of the last 20 years’ (via this pedal post at MeFi) / the Lo-Fi Player / music by thought trials / vintage car ads / music recommendations at Deaf Sparrow / when the sun hits / music by gummi bear / works on paper by Daniel Rich / the GMC Pad (via) was strongly reminiscent of the MoPads of Mega City One, back from the days before ‘Van Life’ became a thing / sort of related, the hitch hotel.

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